Short Term Goals

So given the purpose of this blog is to give some structure and incentive to my writing, I’ll be outlining my goals in the, hopefully not in vain, attempt to lock myself into achieving them.

I have three settings:

  1.  The Black Sun
    In the modern world, on a day like any other, except that when the sun rises it is a blackened hole in the heavens crowned in celestial fire. Heralding the beginning of something.
  2. Chrysalis
    A fantasy world with a mysterious pre-history. Humanity exists in this world in a fractured and primitive magical society.
  3. Roleplaying
    Stories from the backstories of my characters in roleplaying games.

My Goals:

“The Black Sun” slot is to be practice in short-run stand alone tales. It will continue til I feel it’s reached a conclusion, after which it will be replaced with another short-run stand alone tale when completed. I’ll be experimenting a lot in genre’s, styles, formats, perspectives and techniques here.

“Chrysalis” is a world building exercise. There is a world in my head which is incomplete but full of as yet unrevealed secrets, there will be recurring characters, shared locations and a fairly safe and comfortable style of writing as the focus will be on world over language.

And roleplaying is cause roleplaying character adventures and stories are fun and great sources of stories provoked from somewhere I wouldn’t otherwise draw.


Stories will be released midnight as Saturday becomes Sunday when I’ve been diligent in my writing. This upcoming weekend (9/4/17) will release the last part 1. Then in future weeks I’ll endeavour to pursue those tales. With the dream of actually completing one.

So now it’s in writing.
I’ve got to do it, right?


Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

2 thoughts on “Short Term Goals”

  1. This is a great way of practicing writing. They all sound really interesting. I’d love to reblog this in the future as an example of how to get into a solid writing groove, if that’s cool with you.

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