Blood and Lies (Recap)

The Blood and Lies series will be returning, and concluding in the new year. As such I’ve written a quick summary of the first 20 parts as a refresher for those who read it, or as an introductory resource for those who haven’t.

When we left them the band of bounty hunters were busy escorting their quarry, a sorcerer who calls himself Oliver back to the Capital for trial. Accused of necromancy, enchantment and espionage, the judgement seems a foregone conclusions, especially given the undead encountered defending his hidden cave lair.
Driven off course by an unexpected army of undead, they found a village in the woods with no roads, nor that any of them could recall on any map. After some initial uncertainty, the group approached the settlement and earned their welcome by fending off a monster known by the villagers as Anathema. Their victory was won only at great sacrifice, however. Crusader of Atyx, and beloved friend, Verumalleus sacrificed herself for the kill. Even with her sacrifice, the giant Vahkragg and groups leader Telfor, both also succumbed to an affliction carried by the monsters claws.
Rescued by the villagers revealing their secret, a necromancer Zsófia who’s magic draws back the two afflicted from death’s door. In the wake of this, the university trained scholar Rubin seems to betray the group, using his own magic to enslave Oliver to his will, learning the truth of the sorcerer’s noble parentage and that the charges against him are false. Orchestrating an escape behind the guise of attempting to arrest Zsófia for her necromancy, Rubin’s compulsion is set to deliver the sorcerer to unknown allies in Verwich, the second largest city in the kingdom.
His plan comes to fruition sooner than expected, the other bounty hunters intercept the attempt to capture Zsófia, after an explosive tussle the lingering affliction arises in Vahkragg’s causing his body to fails and allowing Oliver to escape while they are unable to pursue.
For the following week the adventurers recover from their lingering injuries, resolve the conflicts between themselves, enjoy a celebration with the villagers as the village hunters return from a successful hunt. Eventually our protagonists are able to continue movie and resolve to return to the capital to report their failed mission as well as the presence of the seemingly unmolested army of the dead within the kingdom’s borders.

Ahead of them lie a number of mysteries and challenges. Who framed Oliver and why? What is Rubin’s secret agenda? How did an army of undead appear within the southern portion of the kingdom?
All this and more will be revealed before the climax, in Blood and Lies.

Hope you enjoy it,

P.S. I’m also going back and fixing part 15 onwards where I apparently forgot that Oliver had escaped and just kept writing him in scenes. *facepalm* Should be done today.

Featured Image found on pinterest, unfortunately I couldn’t find the original source to credit.

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