Fire in the Heaven’s

Startling Sif from her work a sudden, a blinding flash of light brighter than a thousand noon day suns fill the sky above and all around her. It’s intensity shining even through her closed eyelids for a second then rapidly vanishing as all the light that had escaped was being sucked back into a point beyond the other side of the mountain.
The wind picks up, rushing away from the source like in terror. Chasing after it, a distant terrible roar shakes the ground like thunder, it’s power easily felt in her feet and chest. Rising slowly from beyond Urd, the valley’s northern maintain wall, a gigantic cloud of dust swells inexorably, spreading out in all directions and blotting out the sun. Against the previously tranquil early morning, the deafening sound and drastic change in the environment has an apocalyptic feel.
Mouth hung agape, Sif stares helplessly at the portentous display.

“What on earth?” Sofija’s soft voice comes from behind Sif, still too lost in shock to respond. Squeezing Sofija’s hand as she approaches and takes Sif’s own, she clings to the familiarity of the gesture desperately searching for the strength to look away.

“There was a light,” she answers, raising her hand and directing a finger towards the Urd and his ashen halo, “Then the noise came, and that cloud just keeps growing.”

Pulled away from staring into the cloud by Sofija and drawn into an embrace, Sif is finally able to recognise her body’s reaction. Her breathing is fast and shallow, heart pounding and irrepressible shakes in all of her limbs. She feels faint and pricks of blackness swim in her vision. Inhaling deeply she buries her face in Sofija’s shoulder and releases dry, shuddering sobs.
Dragging her thoughts painfully back into line, eventually finding the strength to stand on her own. Taking the smaller woman’s face between her hands, Sif can see from her pale expression, she is just as frightened and in need of protecting.

“We should get back in side, my love,” Sif says quietly. With a small rapid nod of agreement, Sofija leads them back across the garden to the house.
Within the house, the partially blocked sun is scarcely capable of providing the light to see. Lighting a candle from the smoldering embers of the wood fire stove, the couple seat themselves at the table. The act usually so ordinary, suddenly so strange in the wake of what had happened.

“Sif,” having gripped her hand and tightly squeezed it, Sofija’s tone more in control than it had been outside, “You said there was light, noise, and then the cloud. I’m trying to understand what you mean, but I can’t imagine it.”

“I don’t understand what I saw either,” Sif whispers, unable to find the words that describe the experiences still so fresh in her mind, “It was like lightning, but from behind the mountain, and so bright it filled the entire sky even behind me all at once. Like I fell in a lake made of the sun, then it was all just sucked back into whatever it came from.”

“What it came from?”

“I don’t know, the light just faded and withdrew behind Urd to where it came from, I couldn’t see what,” Sofija’s grip on her hand had tightened, painfully tight, but Sif welcomed it in that moment, “Then the wind kicked up, and the roar came right behind it. Everything shook. Then it was all over, just that cloud growing larger and larger.”

“Agony’s Brother, Sif, do you think it’s the end of the world?”

Sif sobbed unintentionally, the shudder stealing the air from her words. Pulled down to rest on Sofija’s shoulder and be comforted, a deep sense of gratitude bubbles up from within. Going through this without her, she couldn’t imagine it.
Together they sat, holding one another for a good long time. The light continues to fade as the minutes pass, the great smokescreen spreading beyond the horizon can be seen through the window. The sun’s light glows like fire through the haze, giving the sky the appearance of hellfire.
A great weariness begins to overcome Sif, the warmth and protective comfort of Sophija allowing her to feel safe enough to come down from her panic.

“I’m going to head into town, see if anyone there knows what’s going on.”

Sophija’s declaration brings back Sif’s panic back, only able to muster a hollow reflection of the energy she had before her weariness simply grows, filling her with a dread nausea, “Soph, you can’t, we have no idea what’s going on out there!”

“That’s why I have to,” the couple are moving with frenzied intensity, Sophija readying to leave and Sif struggling to stop her, “We have no idea what kind of danger we’re in. We also don’t have any kind of emergency equipment or supplies. I’m not going to just sit here and pray we’ll be alright when I could be doing something more useful.”

They fight, but it ends the same way it always does. Shouting arguments, made up for with a kiss and Sophija leaving for the town. Never able to just sit and wait, it was just her nature, Sif couldn’t blame her for that.
Watching her lover walking along the road towards the town, she simply can’t shake this feeling of something dreadful. Returning to the inside of the house, she pours two glasses of wine, one for herself one for the god. If Sophia couldn’t pray, then she would have to pray for them both.

“Just come back soon, my heart. Do that, and everything will be well again.”

I was reading about politics and war. The subject took my mind to nuclear strikes in history, and the current threat. The image of those old videos, of the light, the shockwave, and the fireball resonated with me. I wanted to have a character (or two) experience that kind of sensation, but in a fantasy setting, so the language and experience would be more indescribable than in our modern world.

I don’t know what the explosion was exactly, or what repercussions will follow. I’ll leave that up to you to imagine.

Hope you enjoy it,

Featured Image Credit:
Kevin Walker

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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