At the beginning was Mother and Father.

Separated by infinite space and time but linked so intricately and inexorably that there could be no existence for one was without the other, they stood at the pillars of creation and from their union was life able to be born.

Despite the unfathomable depth of their love, their nature’s were as different as any two could ever be. Neither could be happy living as the other did, but neither could they be if they were not connected. Where Mother was content to be still, to cultivate, foster and tend, Father was compelled to journey into the darkness at the edge of the heavens.
As a solution Mother made for him his black cloak that she weaved from mysteries he found in the beyond. Diving ever deeper into void, as Father conquered more and more of the Darkness, so too did his cloak grow longer and more magnificent. When he would pause to rest on his endless journey, Father would take what he had learned from his mind and fashion from it shining jewels which he would affix to his cloak for his beloved to see and as it shone his light upon her she would create another child.

With one hand she would nurse and raise her children, and with the other hold tightly to Father’s cloak. Over time their children grew numerous, varied, and powerful. Many followed Father into the void in search of mysteries, while others stayed with Mother to cultivate and tend to life.
Then one day without warning Father’s cloak suddenly strained at Mother’s grip with force enough to threaten to tear itself from her grip. It was as though some great beast gripped him and now sought to tear him from her. But Mother was powerful, she had carried children larger than the world since before time and she clung to the cloak with all the will she could muster.
For a span of time shorter than a moment and longer than eternity she fought, but it was clear that even her great strength would not be enough, for the very weave of Father’s cloak would be torn under the stress of their battle. She would have lost Father then, and poisoned by despair died with him, but for the aid of her children. Innumerable lives as insignificant as grains of sand individually, together across the expanse of Father’s cloak wove themselves into the fabric and gave it the strength to withstand.

Then like it had never been, the force that thrashed and tugged on Father’s cloak with the ferocity of a mad beast, vanished. Before the stillness could settle, a yawning howl like air rushing into a vacuum, the cracking of ancient trees, and the dying cries of a thousand different beasts sounded from the beyond.
Father’s cloak came alive, spinning itself around Mother it formed a great cocoon. The weave sealed itself, but neither Father nor her children were anywhere to be seen. In silent isolation, Mother sank to her knees with youngest and sole remaning child still held tight to her breast and she wept. Since before time it had always been her and Father, never could one be without the other. Her sorrow became fury and she drove her divine strength into the barrier of Father’s cloak, perhaps seeking revenge or to join her lover in death. When she could not break free, her rage gave way to despair.
For a time longer than time Mother lay, surrendering herself to the power of her emotions. She listened to the silence, staring into the nothing that encompassed her. As time who’s measure was meaningless passed, she returned to herself. It was a moment like all the others that she awoke at last. The message Father had written in the stars became clear to her, his intention and will remained.
Her mind now clear she could feel his presence linger faintly, she felt the emotions Father had experienced in his final moment written in his essence, she felt his curiosity become terror in the face of what he found in the dark. His resolve in the end to protect her. She understood the purpose of his barrier, the unspeakable horror that hungered just beyond.

Unfortunately Father had not been entirely successful in sealing out the madness. A tendril of corruption had ridden Father’s tattered essence into the cocoon and infected her remaining child while Mother had slept. If she had destroyed the child, maybe that sickness could have been defeated. But Mother could no more murder her creation, the last of hers and Father’s children, than she could make Father whole again.
So with a Mother’s love, she gave of herself completely. Pouring her love, sadness, compassion, and anger into the child she had nursed for so long, allowing herself to be broken down into her base essence to give her offspring the power to resist the corruption that sought to consume them. Sacrificing herself for our sake, she joined Father and lost her children.

This last child we know now as The Chrysalis, our home which gave birth to all of The People who have inherited Mother’s magic and Father’s intellect. This is why there exists evil in this world, and why it is our duty to exterminate it, so that Mother and Father, and all of their lost children may be proud of us.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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