How to Hear Voices in your Head

Following a well known style of creepypasta (A well known example), today’s ‘Short Scary Story – Halloween Horror Challenge’ is my take on this dread instructional style that generally I don’t particularly enjoy. The problem I have with this style of story is that often the premise often doesn’t make any sense. Usually they instruct the reader on how to do something you’d never want to do, like get into hell alive, while warning you not to do it the whole time.
For my take on this trope I’ve attempted to take a premise that actually seems appealing, while keeping some of the cryptic vagueness and cautious dread.

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Hope you enjoy it,
– Zairron

Every day millions of people dream of receiving the answers to their questions or problems. They seek these answers through all manners of prayers and superstition which have no chance of ever succeeding. I don’t claim to know the truth behind the existence of gods or magic or whatever. I never asked those questions.
What I do know is that there is a foolproof way that you can receive the answer to any question you can imagine. For reasons of my own I have decided to share the method with you. If you’re brave enough, smart enough and lucky enough, then you will receive the answers that you seek just like I did.

But first I have to warn you, this method is dangerous. Far more people fail in their attempts than succeed. If your question isn’t the one you truly desire or if your conviction isn’t strong enough, you will regret your attempt for the rest of your life for as long or short as it may be.
If you think you’ve got what it takes, or if you’re just desperate or dumb enough to try anway. Keep reading, whatever happens to you is in your hands now.

Before you start most important thing you’ll have to do is decide on your question. It has to be something you’re willing to risk your life on finding the answer. Be specific, but succinct. The answer you receive won’t be a monkeys paw that tries to trick you into wasting your question, but at the same it will not anticipate your meaning. As well it should be something you’ll be able to remember under stress. Trust me, you do not want to get to the end and get your question wrong.
Next thing you’ll need is a place to perform the ritual. For this you’ll want a place close to the sky or deep below the earth. It must be a place you can survive in for a full twenty-four hours.
After you’ve found your ritual site you’ll need to collect the equipment. The quality of your equipment will have some effect on the ritual, but they are not the most important part. You will require something with at least an A4 page worth of space to write on, ink and an implement to write with. No pens unless you can load them with the ink during the ritual. Your finger might work but I wouldn’t recommend it. Next you’ll need blood. Animal should work just fine, but there are tiers in the hierarchy of life. Finally you’ll need something of significant value to yourself to give as an offering, your offering need not hold any extrinsic value.

Now that you have your location, equipment and question, you are ready to begin. Take your equipment to your location, bring nothing else. Clothing is permitted, but don’t try to get clever with it.
Aim to arrive before dusk, any time before midnight is technically fine but if your conviction is strong you may attract their attention earlier. If your conviction is not strong, well, it won’t really matter in that case.
Ensure you have a surface prepared that you can write on with your writing equipment prepared before midnight. If you brought blood with you make sure it doesn’t congeal, you’ll need it fluid to mix with the ink. Beginning with the setting of the sun they will begin to awaken to your presence. Remain calm and focus on your question. Do not listen to any sounds that attempt to lure you away from your ritual site, this is especially important. What you hear may be either true or false, but there is nothing you can do now so remain focused no matter what.

They will gain in power as the moon rises higher in the sky. The fullness of the moon will affect how they appear. On the full moon they will provoke you to anger, on the new moon they will assault you with your most sorrowful memories. When the moon has reached its apex, be seated by your writing equipment and mix the blood with the ink. You will be joined by a figure from the darkness, it will take a form that holds power over you. The power may be symbolic or literal, whichever it is, understand that this is not an illusion of power. Whatever threat it represents to you, it has the power to follow through on.
The figure will silently join you. I cannot describe to you the terror that you will experience in that moment, but it will be beyond anything you have ever imagined. Do not allow your fear to master you. Present it with your offering and hold firmly to your conviction as you ask your question. Your worth will be tested in this moment. If your reason for being here is unworthy, the threat it holds over you will be delivered and you will be forced to flee through the audience of monsters that have come to watch you fail.
If you are worthy, the figure will offer you a contract. Record the contract as it speaks, be precise in your writing. You will now be given a number of hours to consider the price of the contract. You can leave now and you will not be harmed, you will never be able to attempt the ritual again and you will never find your answer.

If you accept its terms you will be rewarded three gifts, whether they are blessings or curses will depend on you. First you will receive the answer to your question. As whole and true as is possible for the question you asked. Second you will learn the question you heart truly desired. If the question is the one you asked, congratulations, most of us were not so lucky. This knowledge has destroyed some, and driven others to perform the ritual again. Very few have ever been judged worthy twice. The third gift will be the ability to hear them and understand their language. They will be attracted to you from this day forth, they will share secrets with you. I still cannot say if this one is truly a blessing or a curse, I suppose at times it is both.

That is all there is to do. If you are brave enough, or foolish enough to try, I will see you then. If you’re lucky you won’t see me, only the failures ever do. I hope you fare better than them.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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