Beyond the Baepu Mountains

Today’s story is a short story inspired by works of found footage horror films and mysterious depressing horrors settings like in Attack on Titan.  ‘Short Scary Story – Halloween Horror Challenge’ where I’ll be uploading an original horror story every day.

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Hope you enjoy it,
– Zairron

The following is from the Diary of Lieutenant Colonel Luna Green, discovered abandoned along the trade road by the First Efwir Expeditionary Force.


My name is Luna Green, I’m the leading medical officer in charge of the investigative expedition into Efwir. Three months ago merchants travelling East along the established trade routes reported that after crossing the Baepu Mountains, there was no sign of any human settlement in the area. The merchants who travelled the furthest in Efwir claim that the first three settlements one encounters were entirely empty, with the structures entirely untouched by any sign of violence or indication for the desertion.
War with Efwir has been a constant fixture in our nations history, which is why it took so long for action to be taken. In the end it was the independent authority of The Most Honourable Marchioness Penelope that authorised the  specialist unit of surveyors and investigators under my command to be dispatched, along with an escort of Cavalry Scout’s under the command of Lieutenant Victoria Lewis to cross the border. Together we were tasked with investigating the situation beyond our borders and if possible determine it’s cause. The current treaty with Efwir prohibited military actions by either nation beyond their borders for any purpose. As a precaution we as well as our escort were lightly armed and armoured to favour mobility over combat strength. Our mission was officially disavowed in the case of capture. The moment we crossed the border we were on our own.

Today marks the beginning of the second day since we entered Efwir. We had moved swiftly crossing the mountain pass and descending into the valley. Just as the merchants had claimed there were no patrols guarding the border and the first town we encountered on our way was completely devoid of life. We stopped overnight in the town, my people quickly determined from decaying organic matter and the state of upkeep about the town that there had been no human presence here for anywhere from the three months reported by merchants to a year. There was, however, no evidence to support any theories as to the cause of the state. Whether due to the passage of time or the cause of desertion also remained a mystery.
The mood among the men is tense. There had been some debate as to whether we should have remained in town over the night, Lt. Lewis had convinced me of the benefits of remaining in case of signs overnight. Many of the troops were superstitious about sleeping in the homes of vanished people, a camp was pitched at the edge of the town for those who preferred to avoid the homes, mostly utilised by our escort as my soldiers are more scientific minded. The night passed without incident or change. There was some superstitious talk among the troops, but held no basis in reality.
This morning our objective is the second village along the trade road, two hours ride to the north of here. I expect, from the merchant reports, that we shall not discover any new evidence until we pass deeper into Efwir. The first major settlement is a full days ride along the trade road when taken without distraction, we have planned to make it there in three more days, leaving time for stealth and to properly investigate the settlements along the way.


Yesterday we arrived in the second settlement in Efwir. A smaller village than the town we investigated yesterday, all evidence has remained consistent with what was found before. The only piece of new information we found was along the road between the first two settlements one of the members of our escort reported spotting someone moving in the wood to the south.
A squad was sent on foot to investigate and retrieve the survivor, a young woman of roughly mid adolescence. She has been assigned to Captain Hannah Clarke to monitor. Other than being slight malnourished she seems in relatively healthy condition. So far she has remained unresponsive, seemingly traumatised by some experience. She responded to the sight of the village with heightened anxiety, necessitating a sedative to prevent injury before we could bring her within. Cpt. Clarke is confident that she will recover from her trauma soon and be able to share what happened here.
Again we will be remaining overnight within the village and making for the settlement to the east in the morning. Lt. Lewis has expressed growing sense of unease among the soldiers, not a cause for concern but worth noting. Though it wounds my scientific pride, I am forced to admit that I am beginning to share the feeling. Since crossing the border the silence that has accompanied us is unnatural.


Cpt. Clarke is dead. During the night we suffered significant casualties. Lt. Lewis was the first to discover Clarke and the survivor missing. During the search fully half of the soldiers sent to search for them failed to return, those who did reported no sign of anything save for a sense of being watched.
I am loath to end our investigation so prematurely, but I cannot in good conscience ask the people under my command to continue in the face of this unknown and threat. We remained in the village for the remainder of the night with watch doubled, no further casualties were taken during the night.
We have left to return home the moment the sun rose. I am writing this as we approach the first town we encountered in Efwir. I have deferred command to Lt. Lewis for her superior combat experience. In case we do not make it back, I record my findings here with the hope that my diary is found by future expeditions.

Some unknown calamity has befallen Efwir. As a result the vast majority of life has vanished. Not only human life, but wildlife as well. The unnatural silence previously reported I have realised is due to the fact we have not heard a single living creature since entering Efwir. The only exception the young girl we discovered in the wood. The only recommendation I can offer is that under no circumstances should survivors from Efwir be allowed to cross the border.
And may the Gods protect us.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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