Last Night (Update)

Hey guys, you might remember a couple nights ago I uploaded a post asking for some advice about something a bit weird that happened. Well a bit more has happened since then that I wanted to let you know about. My first post was written in a panic just as the phenomenon began again on the second night and I couldn’t think of anything else to do. That was a week ago now and I think I’ve learned a little bit more about the phenomenon which make it seem even stranger than it first seemed. I’m sorry it took me this long to update you all on this, I hope it will become clear as I explain why that is.

I’ll start with what happened immediately after the first upload. It’s just passed midnight on august the 27th and I’m at home with my housemates all asleep in their rooms when seemingly every dog in the area just starts going absolutely nuts, barking and howling like they’re fixing to kill someone. I’m paralysed by the memory of the fear I’d felt when I saw the figure in the dark on the street the previous night. I’ve convinced myself that its some kind of monster that because I’d seen it it was going to come and do something horrible. Too scared to leave my room and with no other ideas of what to do I just lay there silently in my bed, like a child hiding beneath the covers for safety, listening to the racket and just praying it’ll stop and whatever is causing it will just go away.
Eventually the howling stops. I’ve got no idea if that means that whatever was causing it is gone, or if this was part of it, or anything and despite all my fear I somehow manage to fall asleep.

The next morning I ask my housemates how they were affected by the nights noise, but claim not to have heard anything out of the usual. I know that this makes it sound maybe I’d just imagined the whole thing and trust me, by the light of day with the distance given by sleep, that’s exactly was what I thought as well. I figure I’ve just had a nightmare or something from eating junk food too late at night, so for the next few nights I decide to go to bed earlier and for that time I don’t hear the dogs once.
I wish that was the end of it, but last night my girlfriend stayed over and she’s even worse at getting to sleep early than I am. That night I get to sleep early just like the other nights but in the morning she tells me that she’d been kept up by dogs howling at midnight and she couldn’t believe I’d been able to sleep through it.

So that’s why I hadn’t posted anything for a little while, and why I finally updated you all now. My girlfriend went home today and I’m thinking of staying up to see if it happens again tonight and if it does… Well, I don’t know, I’d really appreciate any ideas or suggestions, if this is going to continue any night at midnight I’m not already asleep, its not really something I can just ignore.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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