Imagine Monsters

Imagine if every story you’d ever been told about magic was true. The Fairies, beautiful and capricious, lay in wait with tricks and traps to steal what you didn’t realise you had. Monstrous people, like werewolves and skin-changers stalk the wild places of the world, driven by instinct and rage. Where magical people peddle prophecy and power from their tall secret towers and cottages concealed deep in the woods.
Imagine, how utterly unremarkable such a world would seem to the ordinary folk like you and me. For how would we ever know of the tithe of blood taken by immortal lords in the night with their hypnotic eyes and their seductive words, or that the innumerable hikers in the woods, or children lost for scarcely a moment, aren’t just lost, but taken. We would have no reason to suspect such a thing, for the world is a reasoned and sensible place, governed by laws and rules that we understand and sometimes control with the power of numbers and science.
To our long distant ancestors who lived in the times of monsters and mystery, our mathematical theorems and computational code, must seem completely indistinguishable from a witches spell, or a fairy’s glamour. But such beliefs are the realms of the uneducated and impressionable, in the modern day we are all far too clever and informed, to believe in such antiquated notions.

But if we did pretend, just for a moment, that the stories were true, we could see where they ancient mysteries have hidden themselves in the modern world.
We would notice and become wary of the timeless places that lure us from the path and entice us with their strange deals, and clever games. Quaint cafe’s and windowless stores that sit timelessly separate from the real world are the goblin markets of The Fair Folk who have long since learned the profit in modern commerce. You are safe as long as you pay for what you take, and agree only to terms you understand. But remember that seemingly innocent contracts and complimentary samples and upgrades will carry deliver unseen consequences beyond the ken of good folk.
The perceptive of us would see the secret works of sorcerers and soothsayers who have translated their gifts of prophecy and learning into the language of computers and the internet, peering beyond the sight of, and into the minds of, ordinary humans, they conceal their enchantments and spells behind the label of algorithms. There’s nothing a wizard longs for more than knowledge and secrets, so in exchange for offering you what you desire before you know you desire it, they gather your information in caches and metadata. Perhaps there is no harm in this, but heed the old stories’ warnings to be careful of the unkindness’s you send out into the world for it comes back thrice.
The concept of Old money has ties to creatures older than money to whom blood is thicker than all. Once they lorded over us on high from their gothic castles and lured maidens from their beds, and devils waited at the crossroads for their cut of your soul. Now corporate money and political influence can be leveraged to slake even the most refined thirst.
And far out in the wild places the monstrous werewolves, and predatory skin changers hide from the inexorable advance of civilisation and progress. They prefer the dark and primitive places, their rage growing stronger as they are pushed ever back by deforestation and strip mining. As we destroy their homes and hiding places, for now they are content to take their revenge on the isolated hikers, but the fury of nature has its limits.

Of course, such things are purely the work of an uneducated mind. But wouldn’t that be exactly what such magical predators would want us to think?

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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