“You’re beautiful,” she whispered.

The quickly spreading warmth of desire danced across her lips as they released the yearning filled words. Long, delicate fingers rested upon her ghostly pale breast, rising slightly with each tightened breath. The dim moonlight failed to reveal her shadowy figure as she silently observed William’s quickened step beneath the streetlamp. Soundlessly she followed him, keeping to the shadows. He was hunched, huddling deep within his coat as if seeking to hide. She blushed at his humility, his subtle shyness reminding her why she had fallen for him.

William shivered but despite the cool wind that cut straight through his heavy jacket it was not the cold that caused it. Since turning into this neighbourhood on his way home he had felt unsettled. He continuously glanced around for the source of unease, his pace had already hastened, but still the unease clawed at him more insistently than even the chill.
He now regretted turning down Luke’s offer for a lift. The party had been uncomfortable enough without having to continue making awkward small talk one-on-one in, just barely, an acquaintances car. Besides, he had reasoned, the walk would be good for his slowly expanding waistline. At once both hot in some places and icy cold in others he puffed with frustrating consciousness of how out of shape he had become. Perhaps if he had taken better care of himself, Julie wouldn’t have laughed at him.

The purity of his beauty was entrancing to her. Slowly closing in on him, she could see more clearly his shining black hair. She couldn’t see his gentle eyes from where she stood, but they were crystal clear in her mind. They were kind eyes, filled with sadness and pain. She wished she could reach out and touch him, caress his cheek and make those eyes shine, those lips smile.
He looked back at where she was standing and she imagined him noticing her and smiling, possibly even calling her over. Swooning, at the thought, she sighed as he instead turned his head to look in another direction. Just as he turned back again he tripped on a crack in the footpath, falling heavily to his hands and knees roughly grazing his palms and bringing deep red blood to the surface. Her heart twisted in shared suffering wanting to rush to his side and kiss away his pain.

“Fuck it,” William hissed quietly to himself, staying on his knees briefly as he examines his palms. Stinging sharply he picks the gravel out of the graze before painfully struggling to his feet. Holding his hands to avoid getting blood on his clothes he keeps walking, the strange feeling forgotten beneath the anger and pain from his fall.
Fuming to himself, he arrives home, fumbling for his keys he stomps inside forgetting to lock the door behind him on his way to the bathroom to clean and bandage his hands.

She’s been waiting, and preparing for just this opportunity for some time now and the moment it comes she doesn’t hesitate. By the time he has washed his hands and remembered to lock the front door she is already inside. It is so simple, she thinks, perhaps he knew she was following and he left the way open for her. Gripping her shoulders, embracing herself in an attempt to control her excitement.

Wearily he turns in for the night, not even notice that same feeling of unease from earlier. The creaks and groans of his house under the unfamiliar weight of his unexpected guest do not hinder his descent into sleep.

And in dark places of his home she waits, euphoric at the erotic embrace of his scent. She is patient, there is no need to rush things, they were together now. She would reveal herself in due time, and perhaps he will recognise the darkness in her beauty, as she recognised the beauty in his darkness.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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