While sitting down to write another piece for the blog I realised that we’re almost 6 months into the blogging experiment. So to commemorate, I thought I’d procrastinate from writing an actual story and take a moment to write about how I’m feeling in regards to this endeavour.
I think I’ve learned a lot in this chaotic experimental period, enough at least to reflect on how it’s gone and re-evaluate my goals and desire for what I post here.

My first completed series was the ‘Poison Blood of my Ancestors’ story. This series was for me to flesh out my character’s backstory for a D&D game I was playing in for both my and my DM/GM/ST’s benefit.
It was always intended to be three parts, representing the Birth, Life and Death or “Daesach, The Cultist” and I think it achieved that goal, though I definitely learned from my mistakes in pacing which I think can be seen in the difference/inconsistency between the three.
Since the story of Daesach continues after these stories, if anyone is interested (or I feel the urge) I may narratively re-imagine the events of the game in a future series outside the Sunday slot.
Let me know in a comment if you’d like that.

Within my first experimental foray into mind-vomiting my ‘Chrysalis’ tale. I feel like I’ve brought ‘The Hermit’, ‘The Heir Apparent’ and ‘The Constellationist’ to the end of that “chapter”. For me these stories have been left so open ended because they would be the “prologue” in a novel.
This setting is one I’ve had in numerous incarnations since early high school. When it’s been in my head all this time, it’s never had to commit to any idea, but by writing it down I’ve had to define aspects, exclude things, abandon ideas that no longer fit. And that’s really hard for me as a writer. I always want to write 5 different stories, and get frustrated when I realise there’s only room for 1 story to fit satisfactorily. And that’s okay.
I tried a lot of different things in these in terms of tense, perspective and even pacing and themes. I think I’ve discovered a little bit of what I want from these stories, and things I’d like to try in others.
They’re by no means finished, I’m really looking forward to taking my next swing at these, and I hope you are too. Feel free to let me know if you are in a comment if you are.

‘The Black Sun’ is still going, so I don’t have a huge amount to reflect on yet, other than that I’m glad I decided to give a completely spontaneous idea that I hadn’t planned a shot. Both my above stories I had a significant foundation, wheras this I think I just came up with the words ‘The Black Sun’, thought “That’d be interesting” and started writing. It’s a different experience.
It’s interesting that with no planning I’ve defaulted back to the Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy genre which is more of my comfort genre than the more traditional Tolkien/D&D fantasy style of Chrysalis and Poison Blood. It’s not a huge surprise given that my heaviest dive into fiction was with the World of Darkness RPG’s, which I have Story Told many games, tabletop and larp and played extensively in both.

And for those who have been following at home and wondering about my recent lack of regular updates, I admit I haven’t kept to the weekly schedule I’ve set myself in the past few weeks and I’m sorry for that. But if it helps, I have been consistently writing offline for a tabletop RPG I plan on running, so I haven’t been completely slacking on the spirit of the blog.
If you’re interested, I may upload some of that writing here. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

Goals Moving Forward

Once ‘The Black Sun’ is wrapped up and I have no loose narrative threads I want to order my stories in an easier to follow format. Currently I’m just writing whatever comes to me, switching arbitrarily between three different settings and at least five different stories. My goal is to shift my Sunday updates to a serialised story format, where each update shares the same setting and follows (narratively, if not chronologically, geographically or perspectively) the same through line.
If the previous ‘Chrysalis’ stories were the “Prologue” my plan is to follow with “Chapter 1” in the Sunday timeslot.
I’m considering adding additional updates on other days of the week (Probably one of Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for other settings, if I decide to continue Daesach’s story, upload one-shot stories, or just muse about my influences, theories or other wanky nonsense like that.

In conclusion

While I’m writing this almost entirely to myself, it’s kinda fun to imagine I’ve got an adoring audience eagerly anticipating my releases, so thank you my (mostly) imaginary audience for your support!

Yours whimsically,

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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