Demiurge, lust driven shaper. Carving a Giant of Stone.
Kin to madness and hatred, in torment, he Praises! the father! the creation!
Unholy light will ignite his progeny with the embers of life
Genesis, eternal, As One!

Indescribable fury for mankind, worms,
A curse, a prophecy, doom will be the reward
for every living human who still walks
through this twilight world.

For the night will come, and it shall bring fire…

Singing and burning!
Children curse their parents for birth.
Pain rises ‘pon the pyre.

Once! We were of mighty spirit,
Our intellect raped by the holy bastards
We few shape our existence, one and for all. Unleash the secrets of old!

With coming dark, your holiness deserts you, replaced with anguish and doubt.

Rent from the bones of the earth.
Carving the eye of a GOD.
Creation! Destruction! As one in ME!

All that has been torn from me,
Each tainted love that remains,
At last captured within the stone husk
Hatred and pain, the primordial way of Storm.

Nought but a man, before him, I stand.
My progeny, my God,
I am taken, as one, forever.

I shall burn each night on the Pyre,
My soul to the furnace come the Flame!

Hatred at last turns outwards, and to the living I greet you for the last time.
The twilight breaks, give way the night, fire cometh.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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