Index of the First Wave

For ease of Navigation, here’s what exists so far. With short blurbs for your perusal.

Completed Series:
Backstory for my D&D character
These stories tell the backstory of Daesach O’Rourke, the escaped cultist. Set in an Arthurian world, Daesach was born into a secret society of witches with ancient draconic pacts fueling their magic, these stories tell of his youth and how he came to to join the Order of The Purple Dragons and begin his journey.
The adventure and setting is a homebrew which has been published on with information here:

The Poisonous Blood of my Ancestors pt. 1
The Poisonous Blood of my Ancestors pt. 2
The Poisonous Blood of my Ancestors pt. 3

Tales from the ‘Chrysalis’ setting
These stories represent an exploratory prologue into a story in a world of my own design. The Hermit involves a concealed figure answering questions about the dark magic, necromancy by a curious boy. The Heir Apparent follows a scholar adventurer’s delve into the haunted Cathedral to test her life’s work. And The Constellationist follows Arielle on her birthday as she works for the blacksmith in her mysterious home known as The Spire captivating her imagination.

The Hermit pt.1
The Hermit pt.2
The Heir Apparent pt.1
The Heir Apparent pt.2
The Heir Apparent pt. 3
The Heir Apparent pt.4
The Constellationist pt. 1
The Constellationist pt. 2
The Constellationist pt. 3

While I consider this “leg” of the story complete, writing these 9 tales as well as a D&D campaign setting (which I may upload one day) has given me the opportunity to experiment with some ideas for characters, themes and settings.
The mysteries and stories that have been left unanswered and open will continue after these stories as the subject of the second part of my writing, which I hope will be more consistent and cohesive.

In Progress:
Tales from the ‘Chrysalis’ setting
Coming Soon.

One-Shot Story
These stories are an experiment. Unlike the Crysalis tales, these stories I’ve attempted to start with no idea of what is in them and where they’re going before I started. The setting is a modern world, much like our own, where the sun has risen like a blackened hole in the heavens wreathed in flame.

The Black Sun pt.1
The Black Sun pt.2
The Black Sun pt.3
The Black Sun pt. 4
The Black Sun pt. 5
The Black Sun Finale

Miscellaneous Posts:
Short Term Goals
Representation in Art

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I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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