The Black Sun pt.2

#BlackSun is trending
Black sun leaves scientists and governments stumped

My feed is flooded with reports on the phenomena. I flick through status’ with steadily declining urgency, stifling a yawn as the immediacy of the sun seems to give way to my baser physical needs. Stretching as best I can while holding my phone in front of my face, I slip my feet off the bed slowly before standing and crossing the room to the door. Of the tens of reports dispensed by every news site I can think of, not one of them has anything to say I can’t already see myself by looking out the window and speculating wildly. I do notice the missed call and text message symbols at the top of my screen, probably my mum since my girlfriend would still be asleep at this time of day.

Electing to handle that after splashing some water on my face and relieving myself, I take my towel from where it hangs on my door and wrap it around my waist. Stepping into the hall and into the bathroom, autopilot takes over going through the motions of my early morning routine without having to give it more than a passing thought.

It is surprising how calmly I’m feeling, given the sun seems quite conspicuously missing I muse to myself. I’m already wondering if it’s denial or a defence mechanism before I realise the absurdity that I’m psychoanalysing my ignoring the big confronting issue of the sun, as means of ignoring the big confronting issue of the sun. Besides, what am I going to achieve by freaking out about it? It’s not like I’m Jeff Goldblum’s character in Independance Day and I’ll just find the secret code the world governments overlooked.

Washed and dried, I hit the call back option on my mother’s call. Checking myself out in the mirror while the phone rings, I flex a little, finding whatever pose hides the most fat while highlighting the possibly imagined beginnings of muscle I’ve been trying to build recently. I try to feel like I’m making progress while debating if the sun going missing was a good enough excuse to skip a workout this morning.

*Click* “Hello, Ty?” My mum’s voice from the phone brings me back to the moment.

“Hey mum,” I reply while stepping away from the bathroom and migrating to the kitchen to pour some cereal, “I missed a call from you?”

I mentally face palm a little at my choice of words, thinking Gee I wonder why she might have called her son on the day the sun forgot to rise. But those are the words I came up with.

“Yeah, Ty, I was just calling to check that you were okay? Did I wake you? Have you noticed the sun?”

She seems to be a lot more grounded than I am right now, I note, “Thanks mum, no, you didn’t wake me and I did noticed the sun. It’s weird but everything seems normal otherwise, and there’s nothing in the news about it. What about you and Dad? Are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine but Rocky is really spooked, he’s been hiding in his cage or begging me for cuddles since dawn.”

That’s a bit worrying, I think, remembering the way animals always seem to know before some kind of natural disaster, “Do you think we should be worried, mum?”

“I don’t know sweetie, I was going to suggest you get Jess and come here today until we know”

My immediate reaction is to come up with some kind of excuse for why I can’t, I hate doing anything I haven’t had at least a day to prepare myself for mentally, but this is different. “Yeah good idea mum, she’s probably still asleep though, and she never has her phone off silent so I won’t be able to contact her until she wakes up”

“Could you call her house mates?” she asks, immediately making me feel like an idiot, of course they’d be easier to contact.

“Right, yeah, good thinking. I’ll do that now, and I’ll call you when I know what we’re doing”

“Alright, love you Ty”

“Love you mum,” I reply, ending the call. Carrying my bowl of cereal back to my desk in my room, I boot up my computer to message Jess’ housemates, since I don’t actually have either of their phone numbers despite knowing one of them for half a decade or so.

As my computer hums to life the eerie light of the black sun shines through my window and I can feel my waking anxiety returning with my waking mind finally beginning to acknowledge the reality of the situation. I face the window, bringing my spoon regularly to my mouth and study the scene again.

Marginally higher above the horizon the sun climbs as steadily as usual. The hollow quality of it, the glorious but wrong appearance of the burning halo casts enough light to give the land the same illumination as it once had but the sky remains the deep navy blue of late or early night.

What in the hell is going on…

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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