The Heir Apparent pt.1

The glorious predawn light luxuriously breached the highly perched wall as its opacity gently gave way and bathed the girl sleeping uncomfortably at her desk. Her eyes clenched in discomfort as the light lovingly caressed her face.

With a start her eyes opened and she shot bolt upright. A hint of panic clawed at her, her shrewd, practiced eyes surveying the situation, struggling to wake her mind to catch up with her body.

“It’s morning,” she hissed sharply, her voice jagged and raw. Without another word she lept to her feet, hurriedly closing the large tome and stuffing it into her shoulder pack before turning and tearing out towards the hall.

The door slid open with a gentle hiss to permit her passing, the halls filled with the rapid pattering of her footsteps. The thin light that lined the floor during the night had almost entirely gone out eliciting another curse under her breath, damning her mistake at falling asleep.

“Maybe there’s still time” she thought to herself as the hall ahead remained untouched by the light as she rounded the corner. From behind her the familiar dull buzz began to warm up as the building woke from its nightly slumber.

Leaping up the stairs three to a bounding step the guiding lights blinked completely out. She knew she was running out of time but her legs and lungs already screamed for respite in response to her desperate attempt to redouble her pace.

Light shone through the opened door ahead, now or never, she burst forth onto the rooftop lifting her tattooed palm to the sky she croaked out the words, her parched throat and cracked lips ached.

Collapsing to her knees, arm still raised she felt a vast alien presence fill her body and mind with lightning surging through her palm riding a primal scream from her as every synapse in her body opens at once as if she were being burned alive until everything dark and she collapses.

The soft rays of the sun warmly cover the girls body on the rooftop as it continues to rise gradually. The birds song as serene and beautiful as the day.

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

2 thoughts on “The Heir Apparent pt.1”

    1. Thank you ^_^
      This one actually surprised me, I wrote this one with a world building goal and found the story really difficult to put into words and when I wrote this part it was the most recent in several attempts to find an angle to attack it from.

      I’m looking forward to expanding on this one a lot.


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