Hi, my name is Michael O’Dempsey. Though since this is the internet and silly names are far more fun I’ll just be going by Zairron Plaguestrider, Zairron for short. It’s the name of a character in a story I wanted to write back in high school but never pushed myself to.

With that bit of backstory, I’ve created this blog with the intention of writing more for practice and enjoyment. Whether you’ve managed to find this blog on your own or from others, feel free to read and leave feedback or comments if you’d like.

I’ll aim to post short stories once a week by the end of Sunday on the weekend. We’ll see how well I do at sticking to that. There’s no plan for a consistent theme, from horror to fantasy, I’ll be writing whatever comes to me.

I’ll be linking stories that are connected by categories. Tales within the same continuity will share a category, beyond that stories pertaining to a character I feel significant will also have categories to represent that.

Maybe it’ll grow into something, or maybe it’ll meander gleefully in every which direction.

Enjoy your stay,
Let’s see what happens.

Zairron Plaguestrider

Author: Zairron

I'm writing to build a habit, practice, and be creative.

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